Inclusion in the Lower School


4th Grade: Early Immigration-Present-Day Immigration
Through the power of storytelling, Collegiate 4th Graders learn about the experiences of immigrants and refugees from School alumni, parents and current families. From our diverse community voices, empathy builds, and our 4th Graders use a design thinking process to examine the needs of our local refugee community. They then provide services or items to a nearby YMCA and public elementary school to fulfill those needs.

Special Events

High Holy Days Assembly
At Collegiate, we value our diverse religious community and, during the High Holy Days, students learn from and celebrate the Jewish culture. Students in the 4th Grade are guided through an inquiry process where they think, wonder and explore the importance of the High Holy Days. With the knowledge gained, these students then creatively design and present a Lower School assembly to teach the larger community what they have learned.

Book Gatherings
Lower School Book Gatherings have been designed for all Lower School students. Each event highlights cultures, religions and celebrations around the world. This year, we featured Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, the Chinese New Year and “The Golden Rule,” a principle found in a number of the world's religions and cultures.


Mini Mosaic
Mini Mosaic is comprised of a group of 3rd and 4th Graders who are interested in learning about diversity and inclusion at Collegiate. The purpose of the group is to help them become aware of what unique qualities they and their families have to offer to enrich our Collegiate community. Our discussions enable students to share their unique characteristics and ascertain the same about their peers. We conclude each year with a culminating activity that portrays what they have learned throughout the year.