Global Engagement in the Lower School

On-Campus Initiatives Include

  • Lower School students enjoy visitors from all over the world, including Collegiate travelers. Older students, teachers and guest speakers frequently visit classrooms JK-4 to share cultural experiences and content related to the Lower School global curriculum.
  • Students learn Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese during their years in the Lower School. During the exploratory years of JK-2, teachers have a significant focus on culture as well as spoken language.
  • Lower School students participate in a Chinese New Year celebration hosted by the Mandarin Chinese Language Department for the whole Collegiate community.
  • The 4th grade curriculum includes a cultures study each spring, as well as a substantial unit on immigration in the United States in the fall during which many guest speakers are invited to share their family stories.

Partner School Exchanges Include

  • Collegiate's International Emerging Leaders Conference brings about 45 high school age students to the Lower School for individual class visits where students talk about simiiarities and differences between countries. The day ends with our Cultural Fair and Performance for 3rd and 4th Grade families.
  • Participants in the International Emerging Leaders: Asia program from our partner school in China spend the day with our 1st Grade students each Spring in their Mandarin Chinese language classes, doing activities together and learning about life in China.

Partner Schools

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  • China

    Collegiate has two partner schools in China, Changzhou Senior High School, located in Changzhou and Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School, located in Yangzhou.
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  • France

    Our partner school in France, Saint-Denis International School, is located in Loches.
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  • Ghana

    Our partner school in Ghana, Ghana International Scool, is located in Accra.
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  • India

    Our partner school in India, Modern School, is located in New Delhi.
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  • Italy

    Our partner school in Italy, Liceo Classico Foscarine, is located in Venice.
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  • Kazakhstan

    Our partner school in Kazakhstan, Murager Regional Boarding School, is located in Karaganda
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  • Malaysia

    Our partner school in Malaysa, St. George's Girls' School, is located in Penang.
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  • Mexico

    Our partner school in Mexico, Colegio Carol Baur, is located in Mexico City and Querétaro
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  • Morocco

    Our partner school in Morocco, George Washington, is located in Casablanca, Morocco.
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  • South Africa

    Our partner school in South Africa, Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng, is located in Phokeng.
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  • Spain

    Our partner school in Spain, Colegio Internacional Alminar, is located in Seville.
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As a school, we are committed to providing many different experiences for students so that they can learn about different cultures, develop knowledge and context for today's global issues, and build cross-cultural communication skills from an early age.