Responsible Citizenship
“In today’s times, providing a curriculum and programs that allow students and faculty to challenge their assumptions, engage with others in the broader community and push their boundaries of understanding and empathy has never been more important. I am grateful for the JK-12 impact the Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship has on our learners."
Sara Boisvert
Director, Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship
Responsible Citizenship Team
Ethics challenges students to employ empathic understanding and compassionate consideration of others to critically assess situations, work through reasoned decision-making, arrive at morally sound solutions and practice those principles.

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  • Lower School

    Using the novel, Tuck Everlasting, teachers and 4th Grade students grapple with a variety of hard decisions that occur within both the story and the real world around them. Students write, blog and consider different points of view while keeping in mind Collegiate’s core values of Excellence, Love of Learning, Honor, Respect and Community.
  • Middle School

    7th Grade students tackle ethical dilemmas in U.S. History as they study Teddy Roosevelt and the Square Deal and how to use public timber lands. Students become timber barons, workers or citizens and present their research or plans to both an ethical and sustainability panel of their peers. Both panels then present resolutions to the class.
  • Upper School

    Upper School’s Senior Capstone: Ethics and the Engaged Citizen culminates with an Ethics Bowl, where students work collaboratively in teams to prepare for several days of in-class competition in which they present and defend positions in response to questions about real-world cases, with a heavy emphasis on critically assessing the intersection of ethics, economics and public policy decision-making.

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