Spring 2022

Sports Wrap-Up, Spring 2022
Spring Varsity Athletic Results
Co-Prep League Champions; VISAA Semifinalist
All-Prep: Collin Kimball-McKavish, Donovan Williams, Pearse Riendeau, Eric McDaniel, Hayden Rollison, Hank Shield
All-State 1st: Pearse Riendeau, Donovan Williams
All-State 2nd Team: Collin Kimball-McKavish, Hayden Rollison
LIS Semifinalist; VISAA Quarter Finalist
All-LIS: Jordan Gross, Lily Hartley
All-State 2nd Team: Jordan Gross
LIS Champions; VISAA Semifinalist
All-LIS: Virginia Ballow, Ryan Lewis, Addison Thompson, Keaton Rahman
LIS Co-Player of the Year: Ryan Lewis
All-State 1st: Ryan Lewis, Keaton Rahman
All-State 2nd Kate Smigelski
Prep League 4th Place; VISAA 3rd Place
All-State 1st: Stan Craig, Hugh Williams, Will Neuner, Jonathan Yackel, Max McManus
All-State 2nd Team: Krystian Williams
LIS Runner-Up; VISAA Runner-Up
All-LIS: Gabi Deglau, Lauren Lucy, Page Wells, Sophie Sloan, MK Myers, Catherine Horner, Audrey Fleming, Giles Ferrell, Eliza Stone, Micaela Allen, D’yan Robinson
LIS MVP Field Events: Gabi Deglau
LIS MVP Runner: MK Myers
All-State 1st Team: Gabi Deglau, MK Myers, Lauren Lucy, Audrey Fleming, Micaela Allen, D’yan Robinson, Eliza Stone, Catherine Horner, Page Wells, Sophie Sloan
All-State 2nd Team: Lauren Lucy, MK Myers, Audrey Fleming, Kyla Coffey, Giles Ferrell
All-State Honorable Mention: D’yan Robinson, Abby Mayr
4th Place Prep League; VISAA Quarter Finalist
Prep League Sportsmanship Award
All-Prep: Jay Seevers, Eli Petty, Bobby Marlatt, James Beeghly, Warner Lewis
All-State 1st: James Beeghly, Eli Petty
All-State 2nd Team: Bobby Marlatt
LIS Runner-Up; VISAA Quarter Finalist
All-LIS: Kendall Boggs, Amani Kimball-McKavish, Reynolds Hester, Barrett Rowe, Ellie Smith
All-State 1st: Amani Kimball-McKavish
All-State 2nd Team: Kendall Boggs, Reynolds Hester
4th Place Prep League; 17th Place VISAA
All-State: Jack Barnes, Tyler Brand, Tucker Smith
State Player of the Year: Tyler Brand
Prep League Runner-Up; VISAA Runner-Up
All-Prep: Reid Coleman, George Simonton, Drew Atiyeh, Dorian Colina
All-State 1st: Tiberius Colina
All-State 2nd Team: Graham Bor, Reid Coleman