Global Engagement in the Upper School

On-Campus Initiatives Include

  • Our International Emerging Leaders Conference.
  • Guest speakers from around the world engage with our students through the US Assembly program and through class visits.
  • Globally focused class offerings include world history, world literature, global history, senior seminar and English electives, world languages, and an arts program that has significant global curriculum.  
  • An international exchange student program has thrived since 1968.
  • Various students and groups from partner schools visit throughout the year.
  • Active student clubs include Model United Nations and Global Discussions.

International Travel Highlights

Travel opportunities for 2015-2016

Please email Erica Coffey to join informational email list for each trip, to submit deposit, or request the financial assistance form.
November 1 Sign Up Deadline
Info Sessions In October

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  • Student Leadership Conferences

    Student Leadership Conference
    Travel to India with our partner school to participate in a conference with students from around the world, while also touring New Delhi and Agra.  
    Open to 4 Juniors by application the Spring of Sophomore year. This trip is full for 2015.
    Dates: Mid to late November, 2016
    Trip Leader: Elizabeth Cogar for 2015
    Cost about: $2600


    Model UN at Partner School in Venice
    Participate in a Model UN debate with students from around the world.  A homestay with our partner school gives students a
    beautiful balance between work and cultural immersion. 
    Open to all Students, priority given to Model UN students.
    Limit of 12 students.
    Trip Leaders: David Fahey and Pam Sutherland
    Dates: February/March, 2016
    Cost: $1,700

    South Africa
    Engage in an innovative Global Leadership Program at our partner school, Lebone II College, along with additional schools from around Southern Africa, and visit sights and safari game reserve.
    Open to all students through application with a limit of 6 students (except seniors).
    Dates: Ten days in early/mid-July
    Faculty Contact: Linda Rouse, 2016
    Cost: $2,600

  • Language Immersion Programs

    Students will experience French language immersion with our partner school in Casablanca.
    Open to Senior French language students.  Limit of 8 students
    Trip Leader: Val Siff
    Dates: January 16-24, 2016
    Cost: $2,200

    Students will experience a home stay with our partner school in Sevilla, followed by a homestay in Cadiz while attending a language school and visiting different cities.
    Open to all students. Preference given to Spanish  language students.  
    Limit of 12 students
    Trip Leader: Esperanza Soria-Nieto
    Dates: June 13-26, 2016
    Cost: $3,300
  • Outdoors and Arts Programs

    European Festival of Arts
    The principal aim of this festival is to gather students around the universal language of art. The event is hosted by our partner school, Saint-Denis International School.
    Selection process:  Open to all arts students via application.  
    Limit of 10 students.
    Dates:  April 16-22
    Cost:  $1500

    Experiential learning through hiking, camping, snorkeling, caving, glacier-exploring tour of southern and Western Iceland with Outdoor Collegiate.
    Dates: June 11-19, 2016 (approximate)
    Limited of 10 students
    Trip Leader:  Brad Cooke
    Cost: about $3000

  • Service Learning Programs

    Global Public Health and Service (1/2 science credit)
    In partnership with Duke University and Harvard University, students will receive intensive hands-on learning experience. This trip is great for any student with an interest in career paths such as medical doctor, nurse, pharmacist, biomedical engineer, dentists or other health occupations.
    Dates: July 11 – Aug 3 with travel July 17-30, 2016 (approximate dates)
    Open on a first-come, first-served bases.  Limit of 12 students.
    Trip Leader: Shayna Cooke
    Cost: about $4,500

    Work with children at Los Quinchos, a home for children, on a variety of service programs while learning about the challenges facing the small and close-knit community of San Marcos.
    Open to all rising Seniors with a limit of 12 students
    Trip Leader: Erica Coffey
    Dates: June 10-18, 2016 (approximate)
    Cost: $2,600

    Costa Rica and Lacrosse the Nations
    Service internship with Lacrosse the Nations, a small organization in rural Costa Rica that teaches life skills through sports and PE classes. Includes meetings and local service projects before trip dates.
    Open to Seniors as a Senior Project option - preference given to student athletes in any sport and first-come-first-served with a limit of 12.
    Trip Leader: Tori O’Shea
    Faculty Contact: Erica Coffey
    Dates: May 22-29, 2016
    Cost: $2,300
  • Senior Leadership Programs

    International Emerging Leaders: Asia
    On campus semester long collaboration with partner school in China that includes a trip to Shanghai and Yangzhou in late March.  This trip is in partnership with the Powell Endowment for Economic Education.
    Open to seniors only by application Spring of Junior year.
    Full for the 2015-2016 school year
    Trip Leader: Clare Sisisky

    International Emerging Leaders: Americas
    On campus semester long collaboration to attend the International Youth Leadership Symposium, hosted by our partner school, Carol Baur, in Mexico City.  Students will participate in the symposium and visit some of Mexico’s historic sites.
    Open to seniors only by application Spring of Junior year.
    Full for the 2015-2016 school year
    Trip Leader: Erica Coffey

Partner Schools

Collegiate has grown a network of incredible partner schools around the world. The schools vary greatly in their size, grade levels, and communities they serve – but all have a focus on academics and a commitment to leadership, as Collegiate does. We undertake a long list of collaborations and exchanges with these schools, and they partner with us to enrich our curriculum JK-12. We also participate in a number of faculty professional development programs, and see the wonderful teachers and leaders of these schools as Collegiate faculty’s colleagues.

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  • China

    Collegiate's first partnership in China was created in 2006 with Changzhou Senior High School, an elite public school in the city of Changzhou in Jiangsu Province. Collegiate formed a second partnership in 2007 with a private school in the city of Yangzhou, also in Jiangsu Province: Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School of Yangzhou.
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  • India

    In 2007, Collegiate began its partnerships with India by forming relationships with the Modern School in New Delhi.
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  • Mexico

    In the summer of 2006, a Collegiate faculty member went to a technology conference at Colegio Carol Baur, located in Mexico City, Mexico, a private school serving students from 2 years of age through high school. A group from Carol Baur came to Collegiate in Spring 2007, and a group from Collegiate went to Carol Baur in January 2008, where a formal exchange program (intercambio) was established between the two schools.
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  • Morocco

    Our partner school in Morocco, George Washington, is located in Casablanca, Morocco.
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  • South Africa

    Our partner school in South Africa, Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng, is located in Phokeng, South Africa.
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  • Spain

    Our partner school in Spain, Colegio Internacional Alminar, is located in Seville, Spain.
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As a school, we are committed to providing many different experiences for students so that they can learn about different cultures, develop knowledge and context for today's global issues, and build cross-cultural communication skills from an early age.


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  • Afghanistan

    The International School in Kabul, one of our partner schools, annually sends a delegation of students to participate in our International Emerging Leaders Conference. In addition, Collegiate hosted one of their students as an exchange student in Fall 2012.

    Learn more:
    International School of Kabul:
  • Argentina

    Collegiate hosted student exchanges with Escuela del Sol in Buenos Aires, Argentina for about a decade several years ago. Collegiate trips to Argentina have also included community service in the food distribution program of Fundación Mempo Giardinelli, an Argentine foundation.  The foundation maintains a world-renowned literacy program as well as feeding hundreds of children every day.

    Learn more:
    Fundación Memo Giardinelli:

  • Canada

    Each January for many years, Collegiate senior French students had the opportunity to join Upper School French teachers on an immersion trip to Québec, Canada.  Students signed a pledge to speak only French on this winter adventure. They quickly gained confidence as they meet the Québecois, enjoy traditional culture, and experience unique Canadian winter activities. 

  • Costa Rica

    After a vist to the school in August 2012 by school admnistration and Spanish faculty, Colegio Académico Jiménez in Guapiles, Costa Rica sent a delegation of students to participate in our 2012 International Emerging Leaders Conference.

    Students traveled to Costa Rica in 2013 to study at La Selva Biological Research Station, accompanied by Science and Spanish faculty members.

    In partnership with Lacrosse the Nations, a group of senior boys in the graduating class of 2013 did their senior project in Costa Rica focusing on community service, teaching lacrosse, and providing lacrosse equipment for local school children. Lacrosse the Nations is a non-profit organization that uses sports as a vehicle to teach valuable life skills and provide productive enrichment. Collegiate seniors have continued their commitment to Lacrosse the Nations and the local community in Playa Potrero with a subsequent trips every year, further establishing this strong connection. 
  • France

    Both Upper School and Middle School students have the opportunity to visit France with their teachers. The Middle School gives French students to the chance to spend spring break in France, practicing their language skills through our partnership with St. Denis School in Loches, France. Each year several eighth grade students and one teacher from St. Denis, will with Collegiate families and attended school for the month of February. 

    Upper School students also have a relationship with St Denis School as they send a delegration every year to our International Emerging Leaders Conference, and a group of select arts students from the Upper School attend their European Festival of the Arts held every April in Loches.

  • Ghana

    In 2011, an Upper School endowment award winner student went on a three-week summer community service adventure through Global Leadership Adventures in Anloga, Ghana.
    In the summer of 2012, five Upper School students traveled to Ghana with Global Leadership Adventures for a service learning program. There, the group made bricks for the schools, taught children basic lessons, and learned about and from local non-governmental organizations.
  • Honduras

    From 2002 to 2011, Collegiate students and faculty traveled to Honduras to work with ProNiño, a rehabilitation project for street children ages 4-16. Due to an increased about of conflict in the country, Collegiate had to stop sending students to Honduras, but still continues to support ProNiño through student run fundraisers and awareness campaigns.
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  • Israel

    The Havruta School of Emek Hefer, Israel, was Collegiate's partner school for a number of years, sending an incredible delegation of students to participate in our International Emerging Leaders Conference in 2012 and 2013. 

    In June 2013, Collegiate's Head of School visited Havruta School as part of a trip to Israel with business and community leaders from the Richmond area.
  • Italy

    In Spring 2011, a group of Upper School students went to Italy, focusing on archaeology, architecture, and art history. Another trip occurred in 2013.

    A partnership has also been established between Collegiate and The Liceo Foscarini, located in Venice, Italy, who annually sends a delegation of students to participate in our International Emerging Leaders Conference. Foscarini hosted their first Model UN, FOSCAMUN, in March of 2013. Twelve upper school students and two faculty members traveled to Venice and participated alongside Italian students from Venice and Rome. Participants toured the famous Murano glass blowing workshops, spent an afternoon on a boat tour, and enjoyed experiencing the Venetian lifestyle while living with Italian families. Since that time, Collegiate has sent a strong group of our Model UN club members to represent our school at FOSCAMUN every year, creating a strong partnership between our schools.

    Learn More:
    Liceo Foscarini:
  • Kazakhstan

    The Karaganda Regional Boarding School for Gifted Children, our partner school in Karaganda City, Kazakhstan, annually sends a delegation of students to participate in our International Emerging Leaders Conference.

    Learn More:
    Karaganda Regional Boarding School for Gifted Children:
  • Malaysia

    Our partner school in Malaysia, St. George's Girls' School, is located in Penang, Malaysia. In 2012, for their senior projects, three Upper School students participated in an international conference hosted by St. George's. They were the only American representatives in the conference.

    St. George's Girls' School annually sends a delegation of students to participate in our International Emerging Leaders Conference.
    Learn More:
    St. George's Girls' School:
  • Nicaragua

    Global Service Learning Trip. - Twelve Upper Schoolers and two faculty members traveled to San Marco in June of 2014 and 2015 to work with orphaned and abandoned children who receive services from our partner organization, Los Quinchos. The participating students spent a semester meeting weekly to learn more about the challenges facing these boys and girls. They also explored the underlying causes of child abandonment and orphanhood, both in Richmond and Nicaragua. At Los Quinchos, Collegiate students assisted and mentored the children as they completed their schoolwork, and worked alongside them in their vocational tasks, which stem from Los Quinchos’ farm, restaurant and bread-making enterprises. Upper School faculty members led this program in partnership with Where They Be Dragons, a leading global service-learning organization. Learn more and follow the experience on the trip blog by clicking here.

    This program has continued to grow and is offered every year.
  • Russia

    In March 2011, a group of Upper School Model UN students went to St. Petersburg, Russia, to attend the prestigious SPIMUN (St. Petersburg International Model United Nations) conference. This was the first time Collegiate has attended an international Model UN conference. One of the faculty chaperones also visited a school in St. Petersburg, from which students had visited Collegiate previously for a theater department exchange
  • Turkey

    In April 2012, three students went to Istanbul, Turkey, to attend the RCIMUN (Robert College International Model United Nations) conference.
    In June 2012, seven Lower, Middle and Upper School faculty traveled to Turkey to immerse themselves in the history and culture.

    Cultural Immersion and Study Tour. In summer of 2014, as part of a group tour hosted by the Global Education Benchmark Group, four students and one faculty member from Collegiate, along with students and faculty from Cape Henry Collegiate School, Wilbraham & Monson Academy, Hathaway Brown School, Ravenscroft, and Head Royce, traveled through many diverse areas of Turkey - from Istanbul to Cappadocia to Ephesus to Troy to Gallipoli - with many stops in between. During their visit, students were exposed to both the modern Turkish state and its place in the world, as well as the rich Roman and Ottoman history of the region. The program began with an exploration of Ottoman palaces and mosques, traversing the old bazars, and then a homestay experience with students from Robert College, a private secondary school in Istanbul. To learn more about the group's experiences throughout Turkey, visit their blog by clicking here.