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Uniquely developed each school year by the Administration, this calendar provides a quick reference to important School-wide dates scheduled throughout the 2017-18 school year.

2017-2018 School Year


Mon. 14 Varsity and JV Athletic Practices Begin
Mon. 28 New Student, JK, K, 5th and 9th Grade Orientations
Tues. 29 Classes Begin for K-12 (early dismissal for K – 11:45 a.m.)
Wed. 30 Classes Begin for JK (early dismissal for JK – 11:45 a.m.)
Thurs. 31 JK/K/1st Parents’ Night


Mon. 4 School Holiday: Labor Day
Thurs. 7 Lower School Parents’ Night for 2nd-4th Grade
Thurs. 14 Upper School Parents’ Night
Mon. 25 Middle School Parents’ Night


Thurs. 5 No US Classes: US Fall Parent Conferences
Mon. 9 School Holiday: Fall Break


Thurs. 2 No LS/MS Classes: LS/MS Fall Parent Conferences
Thurs. 9 Early Dismissal Day
Tues. 21 Last Day of Classes: Thanksgiving
Wed. 22 Brunch: MS/US Girls
Mon. 27 Student Holiday: Faculty/Staff Professional Day
Tues. 28 Classes Resume


Wed.-Tues. 13-19 First Semester Exams for 8th-12th Grade
Tues. 19 Last Day of Classes: Christmas, New Year’s
(early dismissal for Lower School – 11:45 a.m.)
(early dismissal for 5th-7th Grade – 12:00 noon)


Wed. 3 Classes Resume
Mon. 15 School Holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Mon. 22 Early Dismissal Day


Mon. 19 Student Holiday: Faculty/Staff Professional Day


Fri. 2 School Holiday: Spring Break
Mon. 12 Classes Resume
Fri. 30 School Holiday: Good Friday


Thurs. 5 No MS/US Classes: MS/US Spring Parent Conferences
Wed. 11 No LS Classes: LS Spring Parent Conferences
Mon. 23 Early Dismissal Day


Thurs. 24 Baccalaureate
Fri. 25 No Classes JK-12: Upper School Graduation
Mon. 28 School Holiday: Memorial Day
Tues. 29-Mon. June 4 Second Semester Tests/Exams/Makeup Days for 9th-11th Grade
Wed. 30 Last Day of Classes for 7th-8th Grade
Thurs. 31
Last Day of Classes for JK-6th Grade (early dismissal – 11:45 a.m.)


Fri. 1 Lower School Graduation
Fri. 1 Middle School Graduation
Mon. 4 Last Day of Exams for 9th-11th Grade
Tues. 5 Exam Makeup Day
Wed. 6 Exam Review (optional)

2018-19 School Year Begins Aug. 28

Classes Begin for JK-12
(early dismissal for JK and K – 11:45 a.m.)

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