Girls' Basketball Program Day

Program Day is a fun-filled girls' basketball tradition initiated by Coach Rives Fleming 21 years ago when he first started coaching the girls' varsity team. 
Each girl in the program is placed on a team, which is then coached by a member of the varsity team. It creates a great mix of levels, abilities and ages. It's also a great chance for the older girls to step up as leaders with the youngsters. All of the girls warm up together, have competitions against one another and play games - all while earning points toward a grand prize. The girls and coaching staff all have a great time together.

Coach Fleming views it as a chance to hopefully show the younger program members a little bit about what years in the program have been like from the perspective of the older players. He also sees it at a chance to get all of the girls in the program together to connect, get to know one another and have a great time playing basketball together. It was clear that the girls did just that during their program day on Wednesday!