From 2002 to 2011, Collegiate students and faculty traveled to Honduras to work with ProNiño, a rehabilitation project for street children ages 4-16. Due to an increased about of conflict in the country, Collegiate had to stop sending students to Honduras, but still continues to support ProNiño through student run fundraisers and awareness campaigns.
The Collegiate/ProNiño Partnership Honduras Service Project provided a unique opportunity for Collegiate students and faculty to learn firsthand about the modern challenges and history of Honduras. The Project existed to foster the well-being and education of street children in Honduras and to educate Collegiate students about the unique challenges faced by that nation.
In Honduras, we provided on-site educational and technical expertise, undertook specific projects as needed by ProNiño, and interacted with their children in positive, nurturing activities.

Students were led by faculty who have a strong commitment to Pro Niño, and participated in activities with the children and provided needed help working on a project each year at the Pro Nino facility such as paving, planting trees or painting. Students have also visited a local high school, nutrition center and rural medical clinic, a visit to Tela Beach, a craft market in San Pedro Sula, an eco tour, and an overnight visit to the Mayan ruins in Copan.

In 2011, a group of senior students who had participated in the Honduras service trip the previous year decided to return to Pro Niño for their senior project. The connection that Collegiate students form with the children and community at Pro Niño is long lasting, with several alumni continuing to visit and donate, and even set up service-learning trips at their colleges.
Learn More:
ProNiño: http://www.pronino.org/