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Collegiate School has a well-deserved reputation for being a forward-thinking community of learners that fosters a climate of continuous improvement and evolution, centered on the best interest of its students. As always, we remain steadfast in preparing the next generation of dynamic and creative leaders who will embrace their obligation to serve and make a difference in our world. It is with this spirit that we enthusiastically share with you Focused Forward, a summary of our 2016-2019 Key Strategic Initiatives for the School.

Vision and Guiding Philosophy

Preparing the Next Generation of Creative Thinkers and Responsible Citizens
Collegiate is an exceptional community of learners. As we strive for academic excellence, we believe that character is as important as creativity, integrity accompanies intellect and service joins with leadership.

Collegiate School
  • Attracts talented, highly motivated and diverse students who demonstrate personal and academic promise for success at the university level and beyond
  • Draws outstanding and inspiring faculty members dedicated to guiding students through a challenging curriculum, using innovative and sound teaching practices while furthering their own professional development
  • Instills an enduring and spirited sense of belonging through an uncommon richness of relationships among students, families, faculty and alumni
  • Believes that the globalization of our world requires the constant and dynamic evaluation and evolution of our School
  • Graduates responsible citizens who are inquisitive thinkers and compassionate leaders prepared to engage the challenges of a rapidly changing world
  • Celebrates and embraces individuals of all faiths and beliefs, while acknowledging the ethical and moral Christian and Jewish principles upon which Collegiate School was founded
  • Prizes responsible, forward-thinking leaders who are committed to fulfilling the School’s mission

Environmental Overview

In a century already experiencing unprecedented upheaval and transformation, Collegiate School must ensure that its students leave prepared to thrive in an increasingly connected world that rewards creativity, character, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and cross-cultural competency. Collegiate students will need to use their minds imaginatively to solve difficult problems; work across challenging disciplines and collaborate with others; understand why and advocate for how they learn best; exhibit a respect for the dignity of every human being; demonstrate their commitment to serve and act responsibly to sustain the environment. The Collegiate curriculum must address purposefully the essential elements of a 21st century education as articulated by the Center for Curriculum Redesign:

  • Knowledge (What we know)
  • Skills (How we use what we know)
  • Character (How we behave and engage in the world)
  • Meta-Learning (How we reflect and adapt)

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  • Strengths

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  • Opportunities

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  • Strategic Priorities

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Strategic Initiatives

Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement

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  • Develop a framework to ensure that teaching and learning methodologies and practices are cohesive across divisions and align with the Collegiate vision of academic excellence

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  • Develop Comprehensive JK-12 Responsible Citizenship Curriculum incorporating the eight pillars of Economic Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, Civic Engagement, Inclusion, Global Engagement, Sustainability and Ethics

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  • Increase Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunities across all divisions and disciplines, with special emphasis on developing and implementing a comprehensive STEAM curriculum, including new initiatives in coding, engineering and robotics

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  • Develop Comprehensive JK-12 Wellness Curriculum

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  • Create a comprehensive framework for JK-12 Instructional Technology

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  • Develop Methods for Tracking and Addressing Student Achievement in Academics, Athletics and Fine Arts

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  • Develop Comprehensive Approach for Attracting, Retaining, Evaluating and Developing Faculty and Staff

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  • Curriculum: Undertake Comprehensive Curriculum Mapping Initiative to Lay Out Skills, Content, and Assessment at Each Grade Level and Across All Disciplines

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  • Communications: Tell the Collegiate Story in a More Compelling and Consistent Manner

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  • Enrollment: Develop Understanding of Future Demographic and Behavioral Trends

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  • Data: Develop Enterprise-wide, Integrated Data Management System

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Financial Sustainability

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  • Develop and Implement a Value-Driven and Inflation-Based Tuition Pricing Strategy

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  • Develop 3-5 year Financial Plan that Incorporates an Expense Control/New Initiatives Funding Model

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  • Develop and Implement Long-Term Financial Assistance Strategy and Funding Model

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  • Grow Endowment

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Risk Management

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  • Undertake Comprehensive Review of Campus Security

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  • Undertake Comprehensive Review of Data Security

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Renovate and Expand McFall Hall Dining Center and Oates Theater to better meet existing student needs and future student demand

Renovate and Repurpose Burke Hall to support increased hands-on, inquiry-based and collaborative learning experiences and additional classrooms

Renovate Seal Athletic Center to provide a championship indoor athletics venue for players and spectators
These strategic initiatives have been developed in a manner that allows for collaborative progress, while remaining nimble enough to sustain our innovative, responsive and student-centered focus.



The mission of Collegiate School is to create a diverse and inclusive community of learners committed to a challenging and supportive educational experience that will foster the intellectual, moral, emotional and physical development of each student.

Collegiate School is a community with a continuing commitment to the following shared values. These values guide our philosophy, educational program and daily interaction:

Personal integrity and devotion to the truth, which make one trustworthy, forthright, responsible and fair.

A creative spirit that promotes intellectual and personal growth through exploration, inquiry and openness to change.

A sustained commitment to meeting high standards of character, achievement and personal accountability.

Fundamental regard for the dignity and worth of each individual.

A commitment to responsive and compassionate citizenship and service on campus, in the local community and in the broader world.