Reflections: Our New Normal

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  • Kathryn Heidt '94 has served as Collegiate's Lower School nurse for six years.

    Our New Normal, Volume XV

    All is quiet this Tuesday morning when I stop by the Lower School nurse’s office in search of the answer to the eternal question, “What’s your new normal?”
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  • Jana Barnes (left) and Christy Mayr

    Our New Normal, Volume XIV

    For 60-plus years, the back room of McFall Hall, formerly known as Memorial Hall, housed a kitchen and storage facility for Collegiate’s Upper and Middle School cafeteria.
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  • Susie Leahy (left), Kate Featherston, and Cheryl Matson (pictured pre-COVID) have kept the Watt Library running during the pandemic.

    Our New Normal, Volume XIII

    Today’s installment of the Our New Normal series takes us to the Watt Library on Collegiate’s Lower School campus where we meet the peripatetic trio of Susie Leahy, Kate Featherston, and Cheryl Matson.
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  • Our New Normal, Volume XII

    On a normal weekday, Collegiate’s sports performance laboratory, also known as the weight room, is teeming with activity.
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  • Elizabeth Kerr and Ben Lamb hold forth in the Saunders Family Library.

    Our New Normal, Volume XI

    This latest episode in the Our New Normal series takes us to the Saunders Family Library in the Sharp Academic Commons where Elizabeth Kerr and Ben Lamb are holding forth on this February morning.
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  • Steve Hart '78 displays a Hepplewhite end table created by the Fine Craft Furniture I class.

    Our New Normal, Volume X

    Today’s installment of the Our New Normal series takes us to Room 145 in the Hershey Center where Steve Hart is overseeing his Fine Craft Furniture II class, a second-semester Upper School woodworking elective.
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  • The RGL team: (from left) Carolyn LaMontagne, Mark Kendall White, and Catherine Clements.

    Our New Normal, Volume IX

    This latest installment in the Our New Normal series takes us to Collegiate’s Reed-Gumenick Library where I ask Carolyn LaMontagne, head librarian since 2013, what’s changed in her professional world since COVID entered our lives.
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  • Kris Rennie, Collegiate's system administrator

    Our New Normal, Volume VIII

    Times are challenging.  We all know that. 
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  • George Cooke, Robyn Hartley, and Andrew Stanley (left-to-right) are grounds crew staff members who share leaf-removal duties each fall. Jeremy Clark, Mike Hamby, Jesse Garrant, and A.J. Johnson are also part of the team.

    Our New Normal, Volume VII

    The seventh installment of the stream-of-consciousness Our New Normal series addresses a subject which I have always found quite painful: leaves.
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  • Our New Normal, Volume VI

    Winter season sports practices have begun, even if the weather, as we speak, feels very unlike what we’d associate with late November.
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  • Our New Normal, Volume V

    On this simply beautiful early November morning, we’re paying a visit to the south-of-the-creek end of Collegiate’s North Mooreland Road campus to check out the action at the Lower School for Volume V of the Our New Normal report.     
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  • Sonny Tate (left), Brock Shiflett, and Julius Johnson are Collegiate's field and equipment coordinators.

    Our New Normal, Volume IV

    This week’s visit to Collegiate’s COVID-created new normal takes us to the Robins Campus on an unseasonably warm late-October afternoon.
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  • Our New Normal, Volume III

    The third installment of our look at Collegiate’s new normal begins and ends with a late afternoon visit to the athletic fields on the North Mooreland Road campus.
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  • Zack Trivette places the last of a series of cones that will direct afternoon car pool traffic as it egresses onto North Mooreland Road.

    Our New Normal, Volume II

    Here we are, back for another impromptu tour around the Collegiate campus, talking to folks we encounter along the way to find out how they’re managing the new normal.
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  • Christine Waldron's English class spent a clear, cool morning writing creative stories based on a vocabulary exercise.

    Our New Normal, Volume I

    It was a cool, clear late-September morning when I ventured forth to check in with folks plugging their way through this new normal and see how they’re faring, then scribble (electronically) a few words that might pass as a Reflections column.
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