Peavey Powell Healing Game

A group of current Cougars and alums (and their families) took time to show support for Upper School counselor and mindfulness teacher Alex Peavey, and the entire Richmond-area got a chance to learn about his courageous journey through cancer via a Richmond Times-Dispatch column penned by our own Weldon Bradshaw.
The Peavey Powell Healing Game was a speed Lacrosse event held on campus in Mr. Peavey's honorAccording to Collegiate lacrosse coach Andrew Stanley: "Current Cougars age 6 and up were joined by alums from ‘85, ‘92, ‘06, ‘07, 08, ‘09, ’11, ‘12, ‘13, ‘15, ‘16 and members of the lacrosse community from numerous schools and clubs in a great day of fun."

The game was sponsored by the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, whose mission is to inspire, share and support severely injured and sick lacrosse players and their families.

That meaningful event was followed by yesterday's Richmond Times-Dispatch commentary, published first by Mr. Bradshaw as a Reflections column for the School website, before being picked up by the newspaper.

Read here and be inspired.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Mr. Peavey!