Composting Comes to Collegiate School’s McFall Hall

After a successful student-led pilot program that began (and thrived) in Collegiate’s Lower School's cafeteria, Centennial Hall, in 2017, the initiative has now been launched in McFall Hall, the Middle and Upper School dining center.
Lauren Lynch, president of Collegiate’s Earth Society, and the 5th Grade Food Waste Recycling Task Force members brought the idea of composting to the newly renovated McFall Hall in partnership with local company Natural Organic Process Enterprises (NOPE). 

Recycling, compost and landfill bins are located in three locations throughout McFall Hall and marked with images of appropriate items for each bin. Students organize their waste and dispose of it in the appropriate bin. NOPE then collects the food waste from the compost bins. In exchange, Collegiate receives soil for its Lower, Middle and Upper School gardens.