Collegiate Honors Beth Kondorossy for Excellence

The 2021 Upper School Hamill Family Endowment Award is presented to Beth Kondorossy.
In 2016, Bill and Susan Hamill and their daughters Blake '98 and Carter '01 created the Hamill Family Endowment in appreciation for the excellent teaching their daughters received while at Collegiate. The endowment recognizes and rewards outstanding full-time teachers who have 15 years or less of experience, with a preference for teachers early in their career. The endowment also rewards specific attributes in these young teachers who demonstrate faithful commitment to the teacher-coach-mentor model and demonstrate student success in inspiring student attainment in the areas of critical thinking and problem-solving, accessing and analyzing information and effective oral, written, multimedia communication and more. The Hamills recognize great mentors can come in many forms, and therefore this award is not limited to teachers who are solely classroom instructors. There are 3 awards, 1 in each division.

Just like Bono, Cher, and Prince, this award winner typically goes by one name. And while she may not sing, she outclasses them in every other category and is as big a star in the eyes of students, colleagues and parents. When the Hamill family conceived of this award, they wanted to recognize the special bond that teachers can make with students inside and outside the classroom. They were also clear that it was important to recognize all of the people who teach and connect with students, even if not in the typical classroom setting. This recipient has been teaching after school as a coach all three seasons since she first arrived. She deftly brings to bear her knowledge of each sport with an unrivaled enthusiasm, an unmatched sense of care and concern, and a balanced approach to challenging her athletes and holding them accountable, while still being sure to show that what she cares about most is molding them into the best version of themselves. You normally hear her before you see her, as her voice reverberates with energy and excitement. When you do see her, her warm and welcoming smile lights up the room, and you are immediately drawn to her optimism and energy. As a coach, she was the program leader for Girls Volleyball, and Winter and Spring Track and Field for many years. She has worn a number of hats outside her coach’s cap, and in each role, she has excelled and sought out ways to grow and give more to the Collegiate community. She’s been in charge of Brunch, served as the Director of Summer Programs, worked in the Admission Office, and now serves as the Director of Student Life in the Upper School. In that role, she makes magic happen while always being sure to keep the trains running on time. During the school day, her office is always filled with students seeking out her company and, more importantly, her advice. She works with our student leaders to deliver an outstanding assembly program, great school events for the community to enjoy, and she pushes all students to build the culture that represents our core values. She leads by example and is willing to do anything to help students and colleagues succeed. 

With positivity, kind-heartedness, and unbounded energy, she has unreservedly challenged and supported both students and athletes at Collegiate. Please join me in congratulating the 2021 Upper School Hamill Award recipient, the person we all know as Kondo-Beth Kondorossy.

Comments made by Patrick Loach
At the Opening of School Meeting, August 2021.