Innovation Expo Showcases 4th Grade Ingenuity

Collegiate School’s 3rd Graders toured Burke Hall this morning as 4th Graders showcased the STEAM-related games and activities they created with the younger students in mind.
This year’s 4th Grade Innovation Expo featured 37 original projects that teams of three students produced to demonstrate the acquired science, technology and engineering knowledge they have gained throughout their time in Lower School. Projects fell into six categories: coding, LEGO games, science games, dash and ozobot robots, Rube Goldberg and interactive touch.
Fourth Graders Luci, Caroline and Amy created a spinning maze that proved a hit for the students lined up to try it.
“We wanted to make it fun for the 3rd Graders,” Caroline said.
“But not too complicated,” Amy added.
Frank Becker, Lower School STEAM Coordinator and engineering teacher, said the Innovation Expo is an opportunity for 4th Graders to show what they have learned to solve an authentic problem.
“Students employ the Engineering Design Process (ask, imagine, plan, create and improve) to work through large and small problems,” he said. “They learn the art of project management and collaboration.”
The event also gives 4th Graders a chance to educate, inform or entertain 3rd Graders, who have fun trying as many projects as they can.
“Third Graders always enjoy the Innovation Expo and look forward to being the ones to create and display projects the following year,” Mr. Becker said.