Recent Alums Offer Advice to Collegiate Juniors

A group of recent Collegiate School alums returned to campus this morning to offer advice and guidance to juniors about the college application process and the transition to college life. 
Alums from the Classes of 2017 and 2018 who spoke in Oates Theater were: 
Catherine Alexander '18, Duke University 
Olivia Brown '17, New York University 
Olivia Dimond '18, Bates College 
Natalie Glasgow '17, Virginia Commonwealth University 
Mia Jackson '17, Yale University 
Amy Kaplan '18, University of Pennsylvania
Olivia Laskin '17, Oklahoma City University 
Matty Pahren '17, Duke University

Brian Leipheimer, Director of College Counseling, led the alums through a series of questions about what their experiences in searching for a “right fit” school when they were seniors and what they’ve learned about themselves, life and learning since their matriculation at their specific institutions. 

Among their tidbits of advice to Collegiate juniors was to: 
  • Have fun with the college search process and enjoy the opportunity to visit various campuses and parts of the country
  • Focus on colleges with traits that are meaningful to them (e.g., size of school, urban vs. rural, etc.)
  • Talk to more students while visiting colleges for tours and also participate in formal interviews with schools if they are offered
The alums also expressed gratitude for how Collegiate prepared them to succeed, noting their finesse in writing research papers and in time management were well-honed. 
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