Collegiate Couples Partner to Raise Funds for a Place They Consider “Super” Special

The theme for Collegiate Schools upcoming Winter Party and Auction is Superheroes! You Cant Create Collegiate Alone! which sets the tone for one of the Schools most anticipated annual fundraising events. 
Imagine, if you will, the Main Street Station Train Shed in downtown Richmond transformed into the Hall of Justice or the Avenger’s Mansion on Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. Gathered inside are everyday superheroes — Board of Trustee members, current and former parents, alumni, and faculty and staff — united around a common mission to support the School.

As co-chairs of the 2020 event, Anna and F. Scott Reed, Jr.
92, and Muffy Greenbaum 04 and Noah Greenbaum 03, are the headlining superheroes. Both couples say theyre delighted to lead this effort for a school that holds so much meaning for them.
We want to do everything we can to support the School and help it grow and succeed,” said Noah. Collegiate fosters friendships that last for life, and its not just about time spent in the classroom, but all that comes with it.
Many parents, alumni, and even faculty, would agree that Collegiate feels like a second home. Time and shared experiences contribute to the feeling of being part of the Collegiate community, which Noah considers a proud part of his heritage. Not only was his father, Ben Greenbaum, a graduate of the Class of 1965, he also taught science at Collegiate for 31 years. Noah Greenbaums children Ollie, a Kindergartner, and Perry, a 2nd Grader are now third-generation Cougars.
The auction is always so fun and a great way for our community to come together and support the school,” said Muffy, who co-chaired decorations for the event in 2019. Its also unique, since [the fundraiser is not held] in the school environment, where we are most often with parents, in our childrens grade and division. It will be a more relaxed atmosphere.
Proceeds from the Winter Party and Auction support the mission of the School, which is to create a diverse and inclusive community of learners committed to a challenging and supportive educational experience.
This mission speaks directly to parents like Scott and Anna Reed, whose children are Harry, a 3rd Grader, and Freddie, a 5th Grader.
I love that our childrens education is specific to them,” said Scott. I love it that we can go meet with the teachers one-to-one to talk about whats happening with each of our children, who are different [from each other]. Its a wonderful thing that our teachers help lift up all students.
Anna Reed added: I love that Collegiate paves a path for each of my kids and celebrates them as individuals.
For the third consecutive year, turnout for the Winter Party and Auction is anticipated to reach 400-plus in attendance.
Its amazing to me how many people come and enjoy the event,” said Muffy. Its fun to visit with people outside of school and to see everyone enjoying the auction.
In keeping with the event theme, You Cant Create An Amazing Winter Party and Auction Alone!, it takes a team of dedicated volunteers to run an event of this scope. The 2020 Winter Party and Auction Host Committee includes:
Denise and Ryan Barnes
Ellen '97 and Martin Boyle
Charlotte and Miles Clarkson
Michelle Williams and Brian Enroughty
Mary and Stuart Farrell '03
Yancey and Steve Haas
Becky and Peyton Jenkins '00
Chandler '91 and Leighton Klevana '87
Patricia and David Lyons
Meera Pahuja '97 and Kedar Mate
Kevin McGeorge '03
Corbin and John Neuner
Martha '98 and Bobby Proutt
Sallie and Thomas Pruitt '02
Marshall '93 and Matt Rigby
Jennifer '90 and Scott Ruth '91
Anastasia and Jim Seevers
Farrar and Charles Wentworth

Aynsley Miller Fisher '93