Collegiate School 7th Graders Engage in Leadership Program

The entire Collegiate School 7th Grade this week took part in Community, Challenges and Leadership, a program that reinforces the School’s core values of community, respect, honor, excellence and love of learning.
Begun more than 20 years ago, the CCL program builds community within 7th Grade advisories and the grade level at large and facilitates activities that allow student leadership styles to emerge. 
“The program connects Middle School students to seniors around authentic conversations about Collegiate values and their impact on present and future choices,” said Amasa Monroe, Middle School lead counselor, who led the program.
Sixteen senior mentors, chosen for their proven leadership skills, and 16 Middle School faculty members helped facilitate each day’s activities. The 7th Grade boys participated on the Robins Campus today; 7th Grade girls gathered there on Wednesday.  
On their respective days, girls and boys played individual and team games designed to challenge students both mentally and physically, encourage cooperation, and provide moments of failure and frustration to develop perseverance and promote skills of resilience. They then moved on to discussions, led by the faculty members, and shared personal experiences about values and tough choices the 7th Graders may face in the future.
CCL is a valuable, unique experience for Collegiate 7th Graders and the senior leaders, said Mr. Monroe.
“The program relies on difficult challenges to show students that success is not about accomplishing something the first time, but more about persevering and learning from mistakes and failures,” he said. “We intentionally invite seniors to lead the 7th Graders in these challenging tasks and reflections to act as mentors, encouragers and role models.” 
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