Kindergarten Scientists Collaborate to Solve Trash Problem

After cleaning out filterras around Collegiate School’s campus, Elizabeth Andrews’ and Marcie Moyer’s Kindergarten classes began to notice trash around the storm drains on the Lower School playground known as Fort Cougar. This observation led the children to collect, sort and label the trash.
Concerned about trash washing down the storm drains into the James River, the students reflected on why the trash was there in the first place. To deter what they considered the source of the problem, the students made signs indicating trash collection locations and began designing and engineering a cover for the filterras to stop the trash from going down the storm drains.

Filterra cover prototypes crafted from cardboard, sticks, fabric and plastic emerged. With rain in the forecast, students positioned the first prototype made of cardboard over a storm drain. To their joy and surprise, it worked! The budding engineers and scientists are now eagerly waiting rainy days so each group can test its prototype.