Head of Middle School Feted at Assembly

Charlie Blair, the Head of Collegiate’s Middle School, was honored this morning by faculty, staff and students at a special assembly in recognition of his upcoming retirement. For the occasion, Middle School faculty all donned Mr. Blair-wear — khaki pants, white shirt, blue blazer and wacky ties.
Head of School Steve Hickman announced, “We are here to honor a true Collegiate icon.” He then read a proclamation announcing May 9 as “Charlie Blair Day” now and forever.

Middle School history teacher Matthew Richardson delivered a heartfelt speech about his 18-year friendship with Mr. Blair, whose leadership style is exemplary.

“Mr. Blair lives by a simple creed: What’s best for the kids?” Mr. Richardson said. “It’s never about him. It’s what we can accomplish together.”
Other Middle School faculty, staff and students expressed what they appreciate about Mr. Blair in a video. Mr. Hickman and Collegiate senior Sophie Roberts took to the stage to present a framed portrait that Sophie had drawn. (This portrait is featured in the spring issue of the Spark alumni magazine, in which Mr. Blair is honored for his 41 years of service to Collegiate.)  
Members of the Middle School leadership team read a Top 10 list of Mr. Blair’s lessons that all students should try to follow, including “Always tell the truth,” “Be inclusive. It’s all about respect and community” and “Everyone deserves a second chance.”    
To close the assembly, Middle School Parents’ Association representatives Callie Brackett and Karen Berson thanked Mr. Blair and announced that in honor of “Charlie Blair Day” parent volunteers would give Middle Schoolers some of Mr. Blair’s favorite sweet treats – Little Debbie zebra cakes, oatmeal creme pies and Star Crunch rice krispie treats.
Middle School students gave Mr. Blair a standing ovation, chanting, “Mr. Blair! Mr. Blair!” The Middle School faculty then joined him onstage for a group photo, which concluded with their own chant and with his expression of gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with them.
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