7th Grade Students Learn about the work of the National Institutes of Health

Collegiate School 7th Graders in Laura Zyglocke’s and Jennifer Brost’s science classes met Dr. Rohan Hazra ‘84, via Skype and learned about the work he does for the National Institutes of Health with infants, children and adolescents who are infected with HIV, as well as his work with other infectious diseases.
The students have been studying HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases in their units on the immune system, pathogens and epidemiology. 
Dr. Hazra explained how many advances had been made in the treatment of children with HIV since he started his career in medicine.

“What was a death sentence is now a chronic disease,” he said. “We are working on how we can make sure these patients have the healthiest lives possible.”

Charlie Blair, Head of the Middle School, concluded the talk by telling the students about Dr. Hazra when he was at Collegiate.
“He was a great student and a great leader,” Mr. Blair said. “He found his passion. A lot of you are Rohans. Find that passion and follow it.”