Collegiate Welcomes Students From Partner School in China

This week Collegiate School is hosting 12 students from Yangzhou, China as part of the Upper School’s International Emerging Leaders - Asia senior Capstone program.
The visiting students are from Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School, one of Collegiate’s 12 international partner institutions. They will spend the week with the Collegiate 12th Graders enrolled in the Capstone course and collaborate on design thinking presentations that help them all better understand the economic ties, and political, cultural and ethical issues facing the two countries.

The student guests spent Monday morning visiting with Collegiate Chinese language students in Lower, Middle and Upper School, before sitting in on a panel discussion during which the promises and challenges of the Chinese and American cultures and economies were examined.

While in Richmond, the students are staying with Collegiate host families. Among the activities planned during their visit will be opportunities to meet with Collegiate’s College Counseling staff; attend the Winter Jazz Jam and several sporting events; participate in Cougar Bingo Night and visit area universities.

In March, the roles will be reversed when Collegiate’s IEL - Asia students head to China as the guests of Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School students.

Trina Clemans, Collegiate’s Director of Economic and Entrepreneurship Education who teaches the IEL - Asia course, said these unique experiences offer both the visitors and members of the Collegiate community opportunities to build friendships, discover common interests and develop greater appreciation for other cultures.

“This is how stereotypes are shattered, conversations blossom and a better understanding of one another is built,” she said. “Our hope is that the Chinese and Collegiate students participating in IEL - Asia better understand how to collaborate well to solve problems together, having taken the time to listen to multiple perspectives.”
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