Upper School Students Promote Respect for All Identities

Today our Upper School leaders offered their classmates an opportunity to unite against hate and promote a community of love and respect for all identities, by voluntarily wearing a blue ribbon. Buckets of blue ribbons were placed in the Upper School hallway and students were invited to take one and pin it on for the day.
"Identity is what makes each of us unique and ourselves. Everyone should be able to express themselves without fear or judgement or hate."

"In our country we can agree to disagree on political issues, but we should never demean others because of their identities. The way that people identify should not be viewed as a partisan issue. We are all human, and we are all equal."

"In a time where there is such a divide in our country, we would like to come together a s a community in order to stand up against hate and be proud of who we are as individuals. We are community based on love and respect."