Upper School Earth Society goes Exploring

Members of our Upper School Earth Society took an all-girls camping trip to Powhatan State Park with Upper School science teacher Sandra Marr last weekend. Nestled on the James River, this state park offered the perfect way to spend Friday the 13th - around a campfire - and Saturday hiking the riparian forests, said Mrs. Marr.
Over the course of the spring semester Earth Society students spent many conscientious hours dedicated to several projects:
  • assembling, filling and gardening with the raised beds outside of North Science,
  • picking up trash in various parks whose waters flow to the James River,
  • planting a native pollinator garden in the Mooreland Outdoor Classroom (which doubles as erosion control),
  • collecting recycling from the Academic Commons,
  • hosting a movie night to watch, Chasing Coral that addresses the effects of climate change on coral biodiversity, and
  • travlingl to Virginia Beach for whale watching and terrestrial hike.