COVID-19 Wellness Resources for Parents

General Wellness

Social and Emotional Wellness

Physical Wellness

Physical Activity and Movement
How to Move More Anytime Anywhere (American Heart Association)
Create a Circuit Home Workout Infographic (American Heart Association)
At-Home Physical Activity During Isolation (Kansas Department of Health and Environment)
Movement Fitness (Daily workouts and movement lessons by Collegiate Coach Andy Stone)
Daily Workouts (from Collegiate Athletic Director and KickStart program leader Will O’Brien)

Family Activities
Get Moving Today Activity Calendar (Healthy Kids, Healthy Future)

This is a historic moment in time. Document it as a family. Keep a journal, create a time capsule, putting in it artifacts that suggest what is happening right now, or create a collage from news clippings.


Cooking as a family (Purdue University)
Cook with Your Kids (American Academy of Pediatrics)
Eat Right (American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics)