COVID-19 Awareness and Information

The purpose of this page is to share what we know, our guiding principles and how we are making decisions. The health and well-being of Collegiate’s community of students, faculty, staff and families remain our highest and mission-driven priority.
As the world continues to study the latest developments in the outbreak of COVID-19 (formerly 2019-nCOV or novel coronavirus), Collegiate is focused on possible impacts on our students, faculty and staff. To ensure our sound and careful decision-making, we are monitoring global, world and local health organizations, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), as well as regional, state and national advisors. This includes travel notices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, we have employed Collegiate’s Emergency Management Team to ensure we are informed and ready.
Above all, a commitment to health and humanity are our guiding principles. We are mindful of the individuals, families and regions currently affected by this outbreak want to keep you informed of our current understandings, which will evolve as we continue to monitor and consult with the aforementioned resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

School Operations

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  • How long will the Collegiate campus remain closed?

    On March 23, 2020, by Executive Order, Gov. Ralph Northam ordered cessation of all in-person instruction at all K-12 schools, public and private, for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Thus, our campus will remain closed until further notice, but remote learning will continue. Additional details about our remote learning plan can be found in Collegiate’s JK-12 Continuity of Learning Plan.
  • When might we return to campus?

    We are planning and hopeful to return to campus in person as soon as it is both safe and healthy to do so.
  • What is the Reopening Plan for 2020-21?

    Collegiate School will open its campus to students on Sept. 1, unless otherwise directed by the state. Our plans are guided by our goal of minimizing exposure on campus. Accordingly, we are implementing screening and mitigation measures to help keep our students and staff safe. While Collegiate will look and feel different, please note that these measures are intended to prevent the disruption to in-person instruction. Physical distancing will be critical for our return to campus — and is required at all schools in Virginia. For more details, please read Head of School Penny Evins’ June 26 letter here.
  • What might the tactical and operational scenarios look like?

    Our Reopening of School Vision and Planning Team is working on tactical and operational scenarios for the 2020-21 academic year and our Board of Trustees will decide on the best option for our School. Our faculty and staff will participate in significant professional development this summer to consider their curriculum, pedagogy and community-building efforts for three possible scenarios. School employees and volunteers, along with medical and safety specialists, as well as our national network of schools and advisors, are helping us to plan and consider our options. The scenarios we are preparing are fluid and as follows:
    1.     On campus and in person, where we mitigate the potential threats of COVID-19. We are mapping out possible changes to our calendar with a focus on the events and routines we consider to be essential. We use our campus to ensure an optimal atmosphere for all of our students and employees, and keep their health and safety as our most important priority. We explore the materials and measures we must take and evaluate the risks and benefits, as well as the costs of all we can predict within this model. This model is dependent on permission to be in School from government officials.
    2.     A hybrid model, where some remote learning occurs for portions of our student body, delivered by our own professionals. If fewer people must be on campus, adhering to reduced occupancy to maintain health and safety for all, or if family medical situations call for at-home learning, we will maximize our campus to ensure access to the greatest number of students who might benefit from it. We seek to maximize the currency of time, delivery models and place to provide an optimal experience in unusual circumstances. Our faculty and staff are honing their skills and developing more agency, agility and fluidity in their shared craft using remote learning tools and platforms. Their professional development is focused on providing the best learning community possible for our constituents, no matter the obstacles of distance that may arise for some members of our student body. The health and safety of our community members remains our priority. This model is dependent on permission from government officials.
    3.     Full remote learning, with the personalized touches and instructional models for which Collegiate is known. Although this is not the choice we want to make, we must be prepared to enthusiastically deliver student-centered learning for every Cougar learning from home if circumstances, or periods of time, require this approach. We promise to harness the talent of our faculty and staff to honor our mission and serve the people who make Collegiate a special place, and one to which we will ultimately return. Safety and health may require us to be remote for preventative or reactive reasons. We cannot predict what our local health landscape will be in late summer; however, we must be as ready as possible. This model may be determined by government officials.
  • Will we have on-campus summer programs?

    We have made the very difficult decision to cancel all in-person camps this summer. With feedback from a recent Summer Quest survey, we have also made the decision not to offer online, virtual camps for grades JK-8. We will still be offering for-credit, Upper School courses and College Application Jumpstart classes in a virtual format, and we plan to increase our Upper School offerings. You can find the link for those offerings here.
  • Will parents receive refunds for some programs?

    At this time, our priority is the safety and security of our faculty, staff, students and families and following the directives made by the Governor and other health organizations. Despite not being able to deliver an in-person learning environment, Collegiate, supported by the Board of Trustees, has worked hard to develop a challenging and developmentally appropriate remote curriculum to be delivered JK-12 through the end of the school year. While campus is closed, staff are working remotely to the extent feasible. For now, most School operations continue, but in a new way.

    Because our physical campus is closed, there are some fee-based, ancillary services that cannot be delivered remotely, specifically food services and child care.

    Despite obligations otherwise, the School will not bill lunch and child care charges through the rest of the school year. For those impacted, a pro rata credit for a portion of March will be applied to the May bill. For those who have prepaid lunch plans, the Business Office will calculate a pro rata credit to be applied on the May bill.

    For canceled domestic and international trips, while nonrefundable, the Business Office is diligently working with third parties to mitigate any financial impact to the School and affected families. Any resulting recoveries, which will vary by trip, will be explained and credited, as applicable, on the May statement.

    We ask for and appreciate your patience as we work through all of these details while still managing these complicated changes to our operations.
  • Will I be informed if a member of the Collegiate community has been exposed to COVID-19?

    Since Collegiate’s campus has been closed, we hope exposure to COVID-19 was reduced for our community; however, the chances for a diagnosis certainly exist. For privacy purposes, we will not communicate any known cases. We implore you to continue the efforts to follow CDC guidelines for ways to protect yourselves and your families.


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College Counseling

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  • How will the closure impact the college counseling process?

    All of our College Counselors will be available and in contact during remote learning. Most college decisions will be released by April 1, but students may have to make a college choice with less information than usual. We encourage you to reach out to our counselors for assistance.
  • What about AP exams?

    The College Board delayed the start of AP exams by one week. At-home exam administration will begin on Monday, May 11, and conclude on Friday, May 22. The updated exams dates and times can be found on the College Board’s website.

Student Life

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  • Will Middle and Upper School athletic teams have a chance to play as a team this year?

    The answer depends on time and regulations, and if social distancing rules change in the next several months.
  • What about sports credits and community service hours?

    Collegiate administrators are having conversations to determine what is possible while we are self-isolating. Varsity and JV coaches will be meeting virtually once a week with their teams, while providing options and tracking of activity and sport skills. The service-hour requirement for all students has been waived. We hope students will consider an act of kindness in their community, such as mowing a neighbor’s lawn or doing a trash cleanup along their street. Even when practicing social distancing, there is no reason to stop being first-class citizens.

Health and Wellness

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Steps to Assist Collegiate Families in 2020-21

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The CDC has established these resources to guide us:
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NAIS has established the following resource page to guide us through our decision-making and communication plans: