COVID-19 Awareness and Information

The purpose of this page is to share what we know, our guiding principles and how we are making decisions. The health and well-being of Collegiate’s community of students, faculty, staff and families remain our highest and mission-driven priority.
As the world continues to study the latest developments in the outbreak of COVID-19 (formerly 2019-nCOV or novel coronavirus), Collegiate is focused on possible impacts on our students, faculty and staff. To ensure our sound and careful decision-making, we are monitoring global, world and local health organizations, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), as well as regional, state and national advisors. This includes travel notices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, we have employed Collegiate’s Emergency Management Team to ensure we are informed and ready.
Above all, a commitment to health and humanity are our guiding principles. We are mindful of the individuals, families and regions currently affected by this outbreak want to keep you informed of our current understandings, which will evolve as we continue to monitor and consult with the aforementioned resources.

FAQs About Remote Learning Continuation


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Will we issue grades for the rest of the school year?

    We will be issuing grades for the rest of the school year.
  • What about parent conferences scheduled for April 2?

    We are making modifications to parent conferences and report cards. April 2 will now be a regular school day for students.

    In the Lower School, the 3rd Quarter has closed and we are currently in the 4th Quarter. Lower School 3rd Quarter report cards will be sent home Monday, April 20, and parent conferences will be during that week. Also, during the week of conferences, the one-to-one TouchPoints will be for parents only as a way for your child’s teachers to conference with you. Each teacher will be in touch with the exact time and more specific information as this week draws near. 

    The Middle School has closed out 3rd Quarter grades and we are currently in the 4th Quarter. We plan to have our 3rd Quarter report cards sent home no later than Friday, April 17. As a faculty and administration, we are thinking about how 4th Quarter reporting will be representative of the work that students are doing remotely. We plan to send additional information next week regarding parent conferences that will run during the week of April 13.

    In the Upper School, mid-semester progress reports and grades will be emailed home no later than April 17. We will hold Zoom-based, student-led conferences beginning the week of April 13 and running into the next week. As is typically the case, these conferences are optional for seniors and their parents. Advisors will be reaching out via email soon to begin scheduling these meetings.
  • What is the plan for end of the year exams in Middle School and Upper School?

    In the Middle School, with regard to our 8th Grade final exams and 7th Grade 12-week tests, we will explore different kinds of cumulative assessments that will help the students apply the skills they have been practicing.

    While we will not have a typical exam week this year in the Upper School, we will assess students for their understanding and application of knowledge on the topics and concepts we have covered. You will receive more information about this in the coming weeks.
  • Will students advance to the next grade level when the 2020-21 school year begins?

    Yes, all students on track to advance to the next grade will be promoted. Teachers are working diligently to ensure that our students learn the essential content and skills necessary for the next year.
  • Will my child be prepared for next year?

    Please rest assured that our delivery of remote learning is designed to prepare our students very well for next year and their futures. Although through a different medium, the programmatic goals and designers of the program remain the same.
  • Will we have year-end ceremonies for 4th Grade and 8th Grade, and Commencement for seniors?

    We will do our best to celebrate these milestones; however our priority will be Commencement for our seniors. Currently, the best answer we can give is that we will wait as long as we can to make the optimal decision. We want to offer something that will be meaningful to seniors and their families. We will let you know when we have more information, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We want nothing more than for all of our students to feel and experience these traditions of community importance.
  • What about Upper School course selection for next year?

    Students in 9th-11th Grades will meet (via Zoom) by advisory cohort on one afternoon during the week of April 6 with a member of the Upper School Administration, a College Counselor and their advisor to learn about the course selection process. Course selection also will be discussed during the student-led conferences. Final course selections will be due in PowerSchool on Monday, April 27.

    Rising 9th Grade course registration meetings will be held in the evening via Zoom, by advisory cohort, the week of April 13. Upper School Head Patrick Loach will email current 8th Grade students and their parents the dates and times of those meetings. If a particular evening does not work for your family, you will be able to join one of the other sessions.

School Operations

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How long will the Collegiate campus remain closed?

    On March 23, 2020, by Executive Order, Gov. Ralph Northam ordered cessation of all in-person instruction at all K-12 schools, public and private, for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Thus, our campus will remain closed until further notice, but remote learning will continue. Additional details about our remote learning plan can be found in Collegiate’s JK-12 Continuity of Learning Plan.
  • Will April 10 remain a school holiday?

    Friday, April 10, will be a holiday for students, faculty and staff.
  • Will we have on-campus summer programs?

    At this time, we do not know. Health and safety will remain our primary focus. Not knowing the future, we will continue to take registrations for our Summer Quest camp programs and certainly hope that we can provide them as planned. We will know more in the weeks to come and will communicate any changes as we learn of them.
  • Will parents receive refunds for some programs?

    At this time, our priority is the safety and security of our faculty, staff, students and families and following the directives made by the Governor and other health organizations. Despite not being able to deliver an in-person learning environment, Collegiate, supported by the Board of Trustees, has worked hard to develop a challenging and developmentally appropriate remote curriculum to be delivered JK-12 through the end of the school year. While campus is closed, staff are working remotely to the extent feasible. For now, most School operations continue, but in a new way.

    Because our physical campus is closed, there are some fee-based, ancillary services that cannot be delivered remotely, specifically food services and child care.

    Despite obligations otherwise, the School will not bill lunch and child care charges through the rest of the school year. For those impacted, a pro rata credit for a portion of March will be applied to the May bill. For those who have prepaid lunch plans, the Business Office will calculate a pro rata credit to be applied on the May bill.

    For canceled domestic and international trips, while nonrefundable, the Business Office is diligently working with third parties to mitigate any financial impact to the School and affected families. Any resulting recoveries, which will vary by trip, will be explained and credited, as applicable, on the May statement.

    We ask for and appreciate your patience as we work through all of these details while still managing these complicated changes to our operations.
  • Will I be informed if a member of the Collegiate community has been exposed to COVID-19?

    Since Collegiate’s campus has been closed, we hope exposure to COVID-19 was reduced for our community; however, the chances for a diagnosis certainly exist. For privacy purposes, we will not communicate any known cases. We implore you to continue the efforts to follow CDC guidelines for ways to protect yourselves and your families.

College Counseling

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  • How will the closure impact the college counseling process?

    All of our College Counselors will be available and in contact during remote learning. Most college decisions will be released by April 1, but students may have to make a college choice with less information than usual. We encourage you to reach out to our counselors for assistance.
  • What about AP exams?

    On Friday, March 20, the College Board announced changes in the administration of AP exams. Upper School Head Patrick Loach will be sending out additional details in his weekly message to parents and students.

Student Life

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Health and Wellness

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The CDC has established resources and websites to guide us:
NAIS has established the following resource page to guide us through our decision-making and communication plans:
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